Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Did you ever go through life mispronouncing some words, totally oblivious to their correct pronunciation until somebody corrects you, then you feel like a true idiot? A classic example is the nuclear/nucular screwup.
Well, I found out last week that when speaking of an onion, I pronounce it "ungion". Huh? I do not! Yes you do, there's no "ung" like "hung". So, I've been trying to retrain myself to say onion properly, and it's really hard.
Now, if I could just stop saying "expresso".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On the Go

It's busy here in the Summertime. There's always so much going on, places to go, people to see. Work slacks off (however unaffordable), nights are longer, alcohol consumption rises, fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high. Blogging and any keyboard activity, (along with my attention span) however declines, in my case anyway, and my measly posts have become even more sporadic. But, I had to break from my busy schedule and share with you a recent purchase that every on-the-go person will find useful.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Holiday, working by accident

It's Friday, July 3rd, and I'm at work. Last night I found out that today is the unofficial, everybody's closed holiday before the actual holiday. It never occurred to me to close up Friday because Saturday is Independence Day. If July 4th falls on a Wednesday or Thursday, everyone just takes the one day off. A lot of folks may use vacation time around the holiday, but it's not general protocol to take two official days off. I'm sure this clueless move on my part is due to my being self employed, I don't have disgruntled coworkers to feel cheated about losing a holiday because it falls on a Saturday. And who decided we should make Friday the extended holiday? I thought that the default day was Monday's privilage when a holiday falls on a weekend. What are we gonna do next year when Indy Day falls on Sunday? So, I woke up this morning and sure enough, all my neighbors were home. All week I had clients say they would see me on Friday, I said okay, so I'm here. Duh.