Sunday, June 7, 2009

No latex

Whenever I feel like touchin' stuff, I get out my special gloves just made for touchin' stuff.
OK, I've got a confession, I put the 'S' on the box with a marker. Really had you goin' there for a minute, didn't I? I know, sorry, it's lame, but c'mon, it's Sunday night, it's late and we can't all be witty all the time.


  1. Touch N Tuff is pretty bizarre already. It's sounds like the name of a boy band song or something. Although I agree, there should be an s there.

  2. I think the manufacturer should be HR.

    HR Touch Ns Stuff. Get it?

    Naaaa. Naaa. Naaaaa.

  3. Zibbs, that's even lamer than my post. However, I did have to think long and hard till I got it.

  4. HAHA I like the name even though you sharpied it in,.


  5. Hahaha :P I like the way your mind works

    Thanks for the chuckles