Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog sitting, late for work

I was late for work today and it was indirectly due to another West Chester blogger. Mary, who writes WC Dish, has a top ten burger review, and it planted a subliminal seed. Last night, after my son's baseball game, I suggested we go to Five Guys, my absolute favorite burger joint. I knew I would pay the gastric gods, but Five Guys are just so burgerlicious. A friend suggested I just bypass the middleman and toss the thing in the toilet. So it took me some more personal time this morning, so what. It was worth it.

This is Bella, (no Twilight connection).
I dogsat (dogsitted?) her last week and she's a sweetie. However, you may notice she's a miniature poodle, which if not careful, can ruin a guy's reputation. I'm grateful she was not newly shorn in her frou-frou poodley cut. Imagine driving up in a manly black pick-up truck with a little fluffy thing poking it's nose out the window. I got through the few days unscathed, but got a few odd looks when I took her out for walks wearing a trench coat, hat and sunglasses.
She's also food obsessed. This dog would suffer through a bowl of mashed lima beans if she saw me eating them. (well, if he's eating them, they must be good!)


  1. I still think Buddy's Burgers is better than 5 Guys.

    Also, there's a new cheesesteak place on Market called Jimmy C's. Best in Chestco!

    Second best is Westtown Meats (which I posted about a long time ago).

  2. And by the way I saw your comment on WC Dish about eating American cheese.

    See. I'm everywhere. In fact. I'm standing behind you right now.

    (disappears as he turns)

  3. I'm checking under the bed before I go to bed tonight. I saw Jimmy C's, haven't tried it yet. Buddy's is better? Have to have a taste-off.

  4. So #1 has been filling me in on this 5 guys. She will send photos of the hogs eating the burgers. I will need to investigate further on my next visit to Philly.