Monday, May 4, 2009

Redneck Potatoe Chips

I got too busy last week or so to post, so I've gotta catch up a bit here. My sister sent me these chips up from Florida, having discovered them and needing to share. God, they're so good and addicting. I try to limit my intake of chips as they're like mainlineing fat and empty calories, and I don't want to hurt my boyish figure, but these may be my downfall. I should be thankful that they're not available in this state, yet.


  1. I'm amused by all the double entendres on the bag. *giggles some more*

  2. I'm a huge fan of chips.

    Can you leave one chip in the bag and tape it to the post on the corner of Gay and High? I'll reach out and grab it on my way home.

  3. I hear you. Chips were invented by Satan that's why they are so diet damagingly delicious.

  4. I love burnt chips best.

    Gonna look for these at the redneck market.


  5. I would totally get past a bull rubbing its butt on those chips to scarf them right down!