Monday, May 4, 2009

Sex in West Chester, PA

There's this little sex shop in our town of West Chester, PA, which has been open for about a year now. The proprieter took a lot of heat from the town's moral biddies and a local Catholic priest who tried unsuccessfully to shut her down. Her shop is really rather demure, and anything possibly offensive is safely hidden away in a back room. Victoria's Secret in your local mall is more controversial comparatively. She prevailed over the forces of suppression and censorship and is happily destroying the morals of West Chester, one vibrator at a time. The daily dig is the sandwich board outside. Makes 'em faint dead away.


  1. Another West Chesterite, eh? What is it with you people and blogging? It's like the blog capital of the world!

    I wonder if the gorgeously infamous Yak guy knows about that place? (I bet he does)

    She sounds great! More power to her (and her moral-destroying vibrators!) ... I didn't know May was National Masturbation month!!!

    This calls for a celebration!

  2. Yeah, Zibbs is a regular, I'm sure. I didn't know May was Nat'l MB month either, and May is my fave month of the year.

  3. OK. Now I'm intriqued. Please post a picture of yourself in the next post so I know who you are.

    Are you aware that blog law states that I must know who all West Chester bloggers are? It's true.


  4. Ooops, I'd better turn my calendar over, I thought it was still National Spanking Month.

  5. Bet Zibbs owns the place. Sells little vibrator sammies.....anything for a buck.

    From what I hear, all West Chester bloggers have no faces. Or was it feces???


  6. Ms. P., It was? and I missed it, damn!

    Zibbs, you first! If I learned one thing from the Dr., it's important to maintain the mystique.
    And if wasn't chip sogging raining, I would be tempted to.

    Sista, um what's a sammie(?) and we're all full of feces.