Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Earth Day!

I love Earth, it's my home, but it's not good to eat. When I was four or five I filled an empty M&M's bag with earth and ate it to impress a girl. I remember being very sick afterward. But even more important, my calendar informs me today is also "Administrative Professionals Day!" (and it must be important, since there are no other special days on the calendar this month except Easter, Passover, Good Friday and Palm Sunday) So, besides giving the earth a big kiss, I think I get one too. It might be a stretch, but being self-employed, do I not administrate? Who designates these special days? Does the President sign them into law with much fanfare and a special pen? Leafing ahead in the calendar, I notice October 16th is "National Boss's Day", right up there with Halloween and Columbus Day. Gosh, I can hardly wait.


  1. I hope she was suitably impressed!? Was that the disastrous relationship you said you'd avoid if you could go back in time?

    Yay for administrators!

    Happy Earth Day, lost :)

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  3. My girls would drop their food on the floor, ground, wherever and completely ignore the 3 second rule and tell me "God made dirt so it won't hurt". Apparently, it hurts?

    You need to come up with a holiday for yourself. Then you can advertise, make some sappy cards and be independently wealthy. Sounds good to me.


  4. At Whole Foods they sell these little round chocolates that are wrapped in foil to resemble Planet Earth. Have you seen them? That might be a good treat to reward yourself with for all the holidays.

  5. And also, I'm just realizing now that you're from West Chester.