Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stop, it burns!

(cowering) What is that flaming, blinding orb in the sky? Oh. It's the sun, welcome back! After what has seemed like weeks of rain, we emerge blinking and cautiously like Munchkins from our caves into what appears to be Spring. I knew when the skies cleared, spring would explode all at once causing everyone here in the burbs to panic run to the garden centers with an over consuming need to mulch. Soon acres will be covered with the ubiquitous beauty bark in an attempt to bury the scorched earth of winter. I think it should be made in colors, then your home really could look like OZ.


  1. I agree! I also think everyone should have a pair of shrivelled legs and shoes sticking out from under their houses to make it look like a plethora of wicked witches have been taken out, a la Dorothy style.

    Ps: My mum used to call me munchkin :( Still does, actually

  2. They have bright red mulch, and then the usual brownish stuff that I use.

    Of course, here, in the spring, everything is yellow.

  3. I think every gal should have a Glinda dress and wand. I know I should.

    Mulch seriously gets on my nerves and I can't explain why.