Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Technologically challenged

I'll bet all these bloggers I read have those cell phones with typewriter keyboards on 'em. Cameras too. Internet access. Anytime anywhere. That's how they keep up with this stuff.
I do have a cell phone, but there's this little crank on the side that you have to wind to get a dial tone. Of course it only costs me 15 bucks a month, whereas if I had all that other stuff, I bet it's a minimum of 50.00 a month. I'm not cheap mind you, just thrifty.


  1. I don't own a cellphone, though I sometimes think I should. Then, my wife can get in contact with me whenever she needs or, more likely, wants.

    And then I remember why I don't have a cellphone.

  2. But then, you have to go out again to get the thing you forgot that she couldn't call you to remember not to forget. You know? Thanks for my first comment!

  3. I dont know how to text message. I can try, but it could take anywhere up to an hour per word.
    My cellphone is really for emergencies, unless its life or death, it can wait till i get home.