Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TV or not TV

I don't watch "reality" shows. Can't get into them, don't pay much attention. So, when the show "The Biggest Loser" started showing up, I just thought the obvious. Who wants to watch a show about losers? I figured it was a show about people who slacked or screwed up so bad that it was up to a crew of TV professionals to help straighten 'em out and get their life in order. It was a big "Ooohh" when I found out it was about seriously fat people losing weight.
However, I really like the show reaper. It's about a guy who's father sold his soul to the devil and on his 21st birthday has to become a bounty hunter for satan, catching escaped souls from hell. (The girl with the puppy dog eyes is a plus). I'm hoping it doesn't go the way of other shows on the CW (formally WB) network. They all start out with good imaginative intentions then degenerate into teen soap operas. Like Buffy for example. By the end of the third season, everyone on the show was some sort of slayer, demon, witch, warlock, there wasn't a mortal left in the whole cast. Slaying took a backseat to dating. Same with the witch sisters of "Charmed". A friend of mine insists "Smallville" is close to the comic book but i'm skeptical.


  1. I ADORE Reaper!!!

    But they've only shown one series over here so far, and they put it on at a ridiculous time, like 1.20am or something :( I hope they show more.

    And I've always wanted to be Buffy! I reckon I could seriously kick some vampire butt.

    I do agree though, as shows become more popular they seem to make them more mainstream in order to appeal to a wider audience and totally ruin it. Which pretty much blows.

    Ps: So glad you're posting more :) It's a pleasure to read

  2. All the shows are available on line at the CW website. I watched a Brit series, Life On Mars, that way. I could see you with a stake, but a staple gun has more pizazz.

  3. I need to watch more TV.
    Buffy, never saw it.
    Loser, nope.
    Dancing with the stars....forgetaboutit.

    I do watch Ghost Hunters and Idol.
    Now who is the biggest loser???


  4. Holy Crap! The Holy Crappers are following! I love your shit! On your blog I mean. I don't mean it in a bad way, it's good shit. Umm, I'm gonna take my foot outa my mouth now.

  5. I like your shit too!!!!